All Teachers

Misty Koehler
Director & 3 Year Olds
Degree: Recreational Therapy and Psychology
Experience: 10 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Crafts, Music and Family
Lori Hunt
3 Year Olds
Degree: Early Childhood Education
Experience: 6 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Cruises and Family
Stacy Miller
P.E and Nutrition
Degree: Elementary Education & Sociology
Experience: 4 Years in Education
Hobbies: Hiking, Skating & Family
Caralyne Harkey
2 Year Olds
Degree: Bachelor's in Criminal Justice
Experience: 2 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Spending time outside, crafting, drinking coffee and playing with my dog
Jackie France
2 Year Olds
Degree: BSE Elementary Education & MSE Special Education
Experience: 31 Years in Education
Hobbies: Reading, Football, Singing
Caroline Miller
Pre K
Degree: Integrated Studies with emphasis on Elementary Education
Experience: 9 Years in Education
Hobbies: Crafting and Family
Jennifer Kearney
Pre K
Degree: Children Psychology Master
Experience: 4 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Music and Family
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